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Kim Shiel - Founder 


Kim Shiel is the founder and CEO of The Dotted Line Group, a boutique consultancy specialising In People Development, Talent Acquisition, and Marketing & Communications solutions


Her vast experience in Sales and Customer Service, with a marketing slant, has resulted in moving her business into a well respected, mobile marketing and communications space in Africa, and recently offering solutions in Europe.


She is a master facilitator with 15 years of training experience under her belt.   

With a strong focus on Leadership Development Personal and Professional Mentoring and Customer Service Development,  Kim engineers bespoke training interventions and offers one on one leadership and career coaching. Kim offers a unique training methodology to multinational companies and has an impressive network of clients.

She is also the CEO of Specialised Outsourcing Solutions a boutique retail online-outlet, and founded The-Art-Room, an exclusive Online-gallery for art students, an initiative that benefits disadvantage art students, Endangered Species, and children in need. 

When she is not working, re-inventing or designing "new stuff" Kim is fussing over her family and chatting away to anyone who will listen!

Liesa Bellairs - Africa Liaison & Photographer


When Liesa is armed with her camera, there is very little that can stop her. "Taking Pictures" started as an interest and lots of fun in the days of the original Polaroid Camera, and very quickly grew into a love and passion. Liesa has part of her heart in Zimbabwe, where she spent much of her childhood in the small dusty border town of Beitbridge. As she entered childhood and her teens, she went to various boarding schools in South Africa and ended up graduating from the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg. She is the happiest she’s ever been in her patch of indigenous forest in Balgowan, near Nottingham Road and Howick.

Over the years, Liesa has worked hard to establish a strong work ethic and quality technical skills. Her keen interest in photography began at University when her husband, then-boyfriend, was given his grandfather's Pentax film camera. After hectic saving, she got her first DSLR in 2004. As she grew as a photographer and became commercially active, she invested in her Canon 1D mark 111 in 2009. Whilst living in Saudi Arabia, she started Desertcrew Photography almost by accident from her home where she set up a mini-studio. Managing the entire photographic process herself, she enjoyed clients of an international flavour, from all corners of the world. 

She is now a co-founder and curator of the-art-room which is an online platform that showcases and sells artwork by school students all over South Africa.

Gabi Bellairs-Lombard - Marketing Assistant


Gabi is primarily a storyteller with a growing business in offering her services as a Social Media and Copywriting specialist under her business' name, Let's Do This Write. After a stint in the Middle East and the UK, she graduated from Rhodes University with a Bachelor of Journalism and Media studies which she swiftly repurposed as she entered the world of Online Marketing.


Gabi started out as a Social Media Manager and Copywriter for The Brand Collective, a boutique agency based in Kloof, KZN, and then moved on to freelance while she focused on completing her memoir. Freelancing quickly took over as her client base grew but she finally finished writing her memoir in May 2020.


She has experience in creating basic websites as a new service offering but is committed to helping businesses grow through their online presence. Her overarching ethos is to assist businesses with their growth in the most exciting and compelling way possible, writing long-form blogs and creating social media strategies that are highly tailored to the client.


When she is not monitoring Facebook and Instagram ads or writing about cannabis, she is often reading with a dog or a glass of wine nearby. Often, it’s both.

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