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the POWER of SMS !

The Big Guns are dedicating a larger share of their marketing budget to SMS MARKETING. Why? Because it works.

Ensure your MOBILE MARKETING is SMS strong.

DIGITAL ENGAGEMENT THROUGH DIRECT HIT – Take your message, and pop it into the hand of your customer, simply through the click of a button. There is no other way to get closer to your audience than into the palm of their hand.

EFFECTIVE AFFORDABILITY - SMS is the most affordable, direct and effective vehicle to get your message across. The ROI on large campaigns is truly valuable, and more importantly measurable.

CONTENT OPTIONS - Allow the sender to include various options in the body of an SMS, such as: redirecting your audience to a website or Facebook page, insert sender names, thus addressing customer by name, receive response options from recipients through a short code, discount offers, database management options, advisory communication, market research, audience engagement at events, or simply keeping in touch with your customer. The options are limitless. Imagine connecting directly with 30,000 people at an event through a simple SMS.

DIRECT RELEVANCE– Social Media Fatigue looms. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Messages can become lost in a sea of marketing mush, whereas SMS is relevantly direct to your target audience and as such, not lost in a “quagmire of irrelevance”


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